Advancement Towards Excellence of Community

In 2005 Dr. Ahmed Mahmood established an NGO under the license from Ministry of social affairs based in Cairo, Egypt. The early name was "Al-Ahmadia for Training and Environment Charity" and the main aims were to supply technical support for government authorities within Egypt in automotive accident prevention, traffic awareness, emission reduction and technical training for service staff.

Training programs started as early as the start of the NGO to support developing the career of automotive technicians and engineers and to enhance their capability to work with top notch technology. The programs have strong social impact upon supporting the technicians who lacks education and support from government and their families. Over 300 people had changed their lives by attending orientation courses with ATEC after which they can handle service of the new electronically controlled vehicles. Raising the trainee income is one of the benefits and changing the culture may be the 2nd important benefit.

Dr. Ahmed Mahmood has raised two projects to Ministry of environment on 2002; those projects were transferred to the NGO to take over. The 1st aims to prevent black smoke coming out of Diesel tail pipes spoiling the air and harming the environment. The 2nd aims to solve the 2 stroke motorcycle white heavy smoke. After long negotiations and without any financing, the 1st project started as a pilot stage with CTA (Cairo transport agency). Ended successfully in 2011 by installing a top notch Diesel service workshop and training of technicians on how to tune up and repair the high technology used in new Mercedes buses owned by CTA. The project is pending to be expanded all over the country after the success of the pilot stage. The 2nd project has not yet finds a good listener and due to the fact that new 2 stroke motorcycles are now banned, the ministry is waiting for those in operation to vanish.

In 2003 a national public awareness program was suggested to the Ministry of interior by Dr. Ahmed Mahmood aiming to improve the traffic conditions and reduce accidents by formalizing the traffic law into a film. ATEC (NGO) has taken the responsibility of following up the national project. After 4 years of working on the scenario of the film, the ministry has put it on shelf. A national project that does the job of the government with no cost on its side was frozen due to the bureaucracy with no single tear shed on those who die every day within road accidents. Hopes are raised again after the change took place in Egypt recently and we hope to resume this national important project.

In early January 2011, the founder Dr. Ahmed Mahmood has realized after long struggling with government within many areas and different aspects that there is no way to change the community within the current system. The aims have grown and the desire for change was capable to formulate a new concept for the NGO. A new name for ATEC the NGO was announced “Advancement Towards Excellence of Community” and the scope of fields to cover has been increased to cover all services introduced to people by government. Dr. Ahmed Mahmood realized there must be a complete change to the way public services are provided to save time, money and keep humanity of the people. A new logo also was approved. The logo explains the plan we use to develop community excellence. Basically there must be education, training and awareness shown on the book right hand side. On the left hand side there are ethics, values and good morals. The gear symbolizes working in harmony and hard to apply what we have learnt within our life. The electric sign symbolizes the enthusiasm to guarantee the work will be done coming over all difficulties. Soon within the same month of our change, the 25th January revolution was born and the change is now in its way.

ATEC plans to put all its experience under disposal of the new government as soon as it is assigned to push hard forward developing the country forward to excellence.