Arabian Technology Engineering Consultants

Our services include but not limited to:

Automotive Engineering Field:

  1. Specifying automotive vehicles, transportation means and engines technical specifications.
  2. Selecting suitable vehicles to meet our client needs at best conditions.
  3. Developing standard test procedures and inspection of vehicles for evaluation and legislations reasons.
  4. Technical inspection of vehicles according to international standards.
  5. Customer decision support concerning purchasing and repair of new and used vehicles.
  6. Solving technical problems in design or operation of vehicles and engines.
  7. Design and implementation of maintenance and service programs for vehicles and engines that suits the nature of use and client targets.
  8. R&D in fields of vehicles, engines, fuels and lubricants in cooperation with national and international universities.
  9. Analyzing market survey information to obtain competitive advantages for clients who market vehicles or after market service products.
  10. Sales and production projections and product price per value analysis for OEM’s who are introducing their product to local markets within Middle East.
  11. Preparation, translation and revision of operation and service manuals and all automotive technical related materials from English to Arabic.
  12. Suggesting and testing solutions supplied to OEM’s local distributors to solve their problems arising from using the vehicles within Middle East region.
  13. Vehicle testing and reporting for experimental and prototype trials.
  14. Consultations in import, customs, taxes, legislation, export and all official papers related to cars within Egypt.
  15. Appraisal of warranty conditions and liability for clients and OEM’s.
  16. Evaluation of damage, responsibility and repair cost for vehicle accidents.
  17. Planning, specifying and design of dealer workshops and gas stations including turn key solutions.
  18. Evaluation and improving the performance of dealer workshop system and policies.
  19. Suggesting applications to reduce expenses and provide information to management to increase profits for fleet owners and workshops.
  20. Qualifying and evaluation of technical staff within automotive aftermarket service field.