ATEC International

A new business dedicated for the Asian and International markets based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. With vast experience since 1981, we used to catch up the topnotch technology and offer our experience to be available for our clients either through solid products or soft skills or even both in most cases.

ATEC International is leading in the Robotics field through its dedicated division operated by a talented group of skillful engineers who are dedicating their time and efforts to develop new ideas for advancement of the human kind.

Our projects are successfully introducing not only new ideas and smart solutions to our customers but also helping them to get the lead of their markets through catching up the topnotch technology and economic solutions.

We supply also professional training to all levels of students and graduates for Robotics applications helping them to build their professional skills and careers with international altitude.

Please feel free to contact us for your technological needs and our experts will be happy to help you develop your new robotic application. You can also join one of our professional courses to be distinguished in the field.