Automotive Technology & Engineering Center

ATEC has the following sections and associated services:

  1. Full car inspection, fault diagnosis, test drive and reporting using top notch diagnostic equipment.
  2. Affording technical solutions for complicated problems associated with mechanical, electrical, A/C or modern options of cars and commercial vehicles.
  3. All services and maintenance to all types of cars and commercials are offered within our facility.
  4. Body shop: ready for both minor and major accident repairs using chassis straighter and hydraulic pulls. We do apply measures of safety within body repair so all solutions and repairs are within allowed manufacturer solutions.
  5. Painting section: with a modern spray booth and special preparation area, working with high quality raw materials and with skillful staff, we can ensure excellent value for money restoration and final finish of your car.
  6.  Mechanical section for engine and transmission overhauling. We serve Gasoline, Diesel, Hybrid and other technologies.
  7. Electrical and Electronics section for repairs of sophisticated modern cars and commercials with capabilities to deal with all new systems such as ABS, SRS, ASR, ESP, Cruise control, parktronic, park assistance, A/C, A/T, MMT and other new systems.
  8. Wheel alignment and balancing for safety and satisfactory drive impression.

We do have the following advantages within our center:

  1. We serve all brands within 10 years old. This is a nice place for the family with different car types. Same applies for fleet owners with different types.
  2. We use genuine spare parts at affordable prices.
  3. We offer our clients a pleasant waiting environment with free soft drinks and internet access.
  4. Payment with Credit Cards is available.
  5. Watching your car during service from your seat is available.
  6. Serving on road pans is available for regular customers.
  7. All major and small repairs are guaranteed.
  8. Collection of your car and returning it after service is available by offering a skillful driver to handle it.
  9. Our regulations do not allow tips and smoking is prohibited away form designated areas.